Cyber security is not something you can afford to overlook, and whether you run a one man show or a multi-national corporation, your confidential data is always at risk. The list of computer viruses grows daily, and without an adequate cyber security solution that is regularly updated, you run the risk of having confidential data stolen.

Data Leaks

This is one of the biggest threats to any business, and should your customers’ financial data be stolen by a hacker, the consequences could be disastrous, for both you and your clients. You could, for example, be developing a revolutionary product, and if your critical data found its way to a competitor, this could be very damaging indeed, and in order to protect all of your online data, consider using the managed IT Services from AU IT, who are one of Australia’s leading IT managed services providers that can tailor their services to suit the client.

Identity Theft

Hackers can very easily obtain a username and password that allows them to access your critical data, and one popular way to do that is to send an employee a phishing email, asking then to confirm their login details, and the email looks authentic and likely has a link to a website that looks like a provider’s, but is in fact a copy, and when the used details are entered, the hacker has a key to enter the network. It is important to educate all of your employees regarding safe practices when online, as this will ensure that they do not unwittingly play into a hacker’s hands. There are many ways that phishing can give a hacker the login details they need to get into a network, so you do need constant protection.

Ransomware Protection

This is a nasty form of cyber-crime that involves encrypting data, then asking for a ransom in order to access the encrypted data. When a company falls victim to ransomware, they generally pay up, as they need that data, and in order to protect yourself, outsource your IT security to a leading cyber-security provider.

Email Attachments

This is another popular way to infect a computer, and should an employee double click on an attachment that comes with an unsolicited email, this can trigger the virus to install itself onto the hard drive. Hackers typically create email titles that are attractive, offering free gifts that can be accessed through the attachment, and as a general rule, you should never open an email attachment from a person you do not know.

When you contact a specialist managed IT services provider, they would assess your current IT set up, plus they would make specific recommendations regarding areas they feel that you need improving, and with their expertise, you and your team can focus on running the business, while they take care of all your IT management tasks.

Talk to a leading IT managed services provider today and see what they can do for your company, and you’ll be very glad that you did!


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