India has become the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, while China, on the other hand, has been stagnating, dragging with it Apple and other international brands that are losing share to local competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi. India has also seduced Samsung, which last year inaugurated the largest mobile factory on the planet.

“For Foxconn, the Chinese market for iPhones is saturated, and production costs are three times higher compared to India,” explains Karn Chauhan, an analyst at Counterpoint Research. “India remains an emerging smartphone market with great potential nationally and could serve as an export hub for the region”.

India is taking the baton from China as the global factory of the smart mobile phone. As the democratisation of mobile devices has accelerated thanks to a reduction in production costs, users are increasingly demanding more features for less money.

India, in spite of the situation of high poverty, has become one of the incipient markets for this sector. Increasingly, citizens can choose to buy the latest generation phones at contained prices. Many brands, including Google, with its strategic plan for Android Go, a light version of its operating system, have planted their seeds in this country where the financial system is still weak but works hard for a bright future.


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