Last Friday Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Google and Apple accusing both companies of selling through their digital stores, Google Play and App Store, respectively, a copy of their popular multiplayer game Rainbow Six: Siege. In the spotlight is Area F2, a title developed by, a subsidiary of Chinese giant Alibaba Group.

Before taking legal action, Ubisoft asked Google and Apple to remove the game from their store for copyright infringement, but both refused. In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles, the French company describes Area F2 as “almost a carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege. It claims that “virtually every aspect of Area F2 has been copied” from its game, “from the operator selection screen to the final score screen […]”.

In the claim, Ubisoft claims that Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the “world’s best known competitive multiplayer titles” and one of its “most valuable intellectual properties”. In addition, it believes that Area F2 has been developed to “leverage” the popularity of its game. Rainbow Six: Siege has over 60 million registered users and according to daily demand registers over 3 million players. It is also a sport with professional and semi-professional teams.


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