You can’t expect the first draft of your business plan to be the same as what you will pitch to potential investors during the final presentation. The draft will go through several revisions before you finally use it. In editing the content of your business pitch, these are some tips to remember.

Run the draft by different people

It helps if you can show your plan to several people in your team. You want to receive as many comments as possible. You must get the perspective of different individuals so you can improve the final results. Even if you feel confident with what you wrote, there could still be some issues that other people notice. You would rather find out what these mistakes are now than wait until your final presentation.

Double-check the accuracy of the information

Take the time to check the information you present. If you’re quoting from another source or using relevant data, you need to use it appropriately. You don’t want to confuse the people listening to you by using the information in an incorrect context.

Cut out unnecessary parts

Your presentation needs to be short and concise. You’re dealing with investors whose time is precious. They still have other things to attend to. Therefore, it helps if you try to cut out unnecessary parts in your pitch. Focus on the most important aspects. You can always provide other small details later when asked. Holding these people in a room beyond what they expect might annoy them. Check the presentation for inconsistencies

You don’t want to contradict yourself in the middle of your speech. It would be embarrassing to the people listening to your presentation if you can’t keep your thoughts together. The good thing is you can still defend yourself once you head to the question and answer session. However, you don’t want to reach that point before changing your pitch.

Simplify your pitch

The business pitch isn’t a showcase of your linguistic prowess. There’s no need for you to use difficult words. No one will understand you if you insist on using such words. Try to simplify things. Focus on the heart of your presentation and get straight to the point. Your goal is to convince the investors that you have what it takes to lead the team, and your plans are worth executing. Complicating things isn’t going to help.

As soon as you schedule an appointment with a potential investor, you need to prepare for it. Apart from your speech, you also need to prepare the meeting room. You want to impress the potential investors with different aspects, and the quality of the meeting room could be an important factor. Consider buying a projector wall mount to make it easy to use the projector for your speech. You also need to check the equipment hours before the arrival of your guests so you won’t experience technical difficulties in the middle of your presentation.


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