Link building represents one of the most effective SEO positioning strategies of all. Here are the 10 most important keys of this strategy.

Do follow

Make sure that the link you get is “do follow” or else the effort and time spent will not bring you the SEO strength you are looking for.

Authoritative pages

The link building is based on the principle of authority. The more SEO weight has the page from which you get the link, the greater the benefits to your website will be.

A practical example is that the authority you would get would be much more relevant if you link from Wikipedia, than if you do it  from a personal blog.

Anchor text base

The anchor text base has always been important. It’s the main keyword you get that link by.

In the origins of the strategy, the name of the web page was the main objective, then it was alternated by main keywords.

Anchor text variable

However, for some time the above strategy has had to be complemented with a variable anchor text, that is, a text that is used in the link that stands out for its variety.

Otherwise, search engines robots would identify many links to the same site on the same word and we would suffer penalties for over optimization.

Natural links

Linked to this is the fact that the links obtained are as natural as possible, that is to say, that they are not forced and enter into the context in which they are included.

Themes of the sites

In order for the links to be natural and the context to make sense, it is a very timely recommendation to choose sites with a theme directly related to the professional sector to which we are addressing the terms.

For SEO value, Google’s indexing robot will identify a direct relationship between the theme and the link, thereby motivating higher priority.

Variety of origins

Although it is advisable to look for sites with similar themes, it is also advisable to vary a little within that theme. Thanks to this we can also diversify the anchor text.

Number of links

The number of links in link building is very important as well. If all of the the above points have been met by many websites, then the number of links will make the difference.

Progressive number of links

Links are better obtained in a progressive way, and not all of themsuddenly. In doing so it is easy to be identified by search robots and penalized.

Periodicity of the links

It’s never too late to get a good link, but if we keep a certain periodicity in the task, the results will usually be much better.


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