How much do platforms pay for a temporary exclusive? Generally, studios and video game publishers do not publish the amount of these types of agreements, although that does not prevent them from being leaked on more than one occasion. For example, thanks to the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, we learned what the Fortnite company paid for the first EGS exclusives. And now, a former Eidos Montreal employee has let slip how much money Microsoft paid to get Rise of the Tomb Raider released before anyone else.

As a reminder, Lara Croft’s adventure was first released on Xbox consoles, available in 2015 for Xbox One and Xbox 360, before debuting a year later on PC and PS4. Well, Fabien Rossini, a former manager at Eidos Montreal and Square Enix, recently updated his LinkedIn profile to detail some of his work achievements to date. Accomplishments that include “negotiating multiple deals, including $100 million worth of exclusivity for Tomb Raider with Xbox”.

A statement that leaves little doubt as to how much money Microsoft had to pay for the game. If you go to the employee’s LinkedIn profile now, you won’t find any reference to the deal, as he has already edited his CV to remove what was, by all accounts, a piece of information that shouldn’t be made public. Even so, users such as Timur222 on Twitter managed to take a screenshot of the profile before removing the reference.

An exclusivity that saw Rise of the Tomb Raider sell more than 1 million games on Xbox in its first quarter. Things have changed a lot since 2015, with models like Xbox Game Pass which, by the way, you can subscribe to for £1 for the first month. And with recent Square Enix games like Outriders making its launch debut on the service, the question now becomes: how much did Xbox pay for Outriders’ release? We’ll see if a Square employee gives us the news one of these days.


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