Email is a big performer in marketing, and a necessary tool for sales and aftersales services, but smaller e-commerce websites might be missing out on using email to its maximum potential. Misinformation and deceptive marketing are the main villains here, so the only way to really know whether or not your business email service provider is up to the task is by comparing what your provider is offering to your company, with what they should ideally be offering.

Templates and Customizations for Apt Email Creation

The exact features will vary quite widely, depending on the email service provider in question, but the basic idea is that they should make email creation apt. Features to expect are as follows:

  • Micro features such as suggestiveness, to make the whole process feel, simpler, more intuitive and fast-paced
  • There should be a long list of intelligently designed templates to choose from
  • Each of the templates should be completely customizable
  • Template designs should be dynamic; they should fit the proportions of the immediate display with ease
  • Features, such as adding media and text anywhere you want, must be supported and intuitively accessible

Fulfilling a Need: Unification Vs. Simplification

In order to determine whether or not an email service is right for a particular business, answering one key question is essential; do you need email unification or simplification?

PieSync is an excellent unification tool which brings multiple aspects of CRM together, by integrating a long list of supported tools seamlessly with each other. Email service integration is one of their most commonly used features, PieSync has recently published a detailed comparison, titled, Mailgun vs. SendGrid: which is the best email service provider?

Along with comparing various other features of the two popular email clients, they also specifically pointed out this differentiation between Mailgun and SendGrid, stating that one offers the best simplified interface to work with, but lacks in marketing features, while the other is more complicated to handle, but covers pretty much everything. As a business owner, your goal should be to prioritize the service which can meet the specific needs of your business and boost the ROI of email investments.

Do they Offer Customer Profiling and Personalization Options?

If you are looking to use email for marketing, you should expect your provider to offer the necessary features that support and boost the conversion rate of your campaigns. To develop quality leads and improve conversion rates, knowledge about each customer, in relevance to the brand and the product in question, is essential. Features such as the ones mentioned next can be crucial for those personalized emails:

  • Customer information collection and categorizations: Open & click through rates, locational info, age, interests & occupation, etc.
  • Tools for analyzing the collected info and presenting the user with useable infographics
  • Automated personalization of the information collected
  • Automated emails that are auto-generated and sent to the right lead at the right time

Lastly, scalability is also an important factor; can you scale up or down in accordance with the needs of your business? ROI from the marketing investments made last year is going to determine the budget for this year, which means that the email client should be ready to allow small businesses the opportunity to scale their own email plans and features to best fit their current situation.


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