In other cases it is not so much a question of routine as of infrastructure. We don’t have the right place in our house. That’s why the ideal is:

  • Create a work space that’s not in a common room. Were you planning to study in the dining room? Bad idea, since it’s a place where someone will be watching TV, or they’ll pass by on their way to the kitchen or a thousand other distractions. Better in a room, where once our schedule is over, we can go to another part of the house and disconnect better.
  • Noise cancellation is your ally. Surely you have noticed that there are many noises in the house that do not facilitate concentration. Whether you work in a common area, or from an office, headphones help to isolate us from the rest.
  • The work chair is essential as you will be sitting there for 8 hours every day. And a chair that we use for a couple of hours is not the same as a chair that we use for our working day.

The company must provide the material means to work from home or reach a (paid) agreement with the worker to use their own

  • You need a big screen and you know it. After you’ve been working on your laptop with the 15.4″ screen or even smaller, possibly forcing your neck because it was too low, you’ll have realized that a big screen is better. If you can connect a second screen to the laptop, so much the better. The same could be said of the keyboard and mouse, especially for those tasks where it is used intensively, such as an accountant.
  • Forget about WiFi because either we are very close to the router that emits the signal or in some area of the house we can have cuts on a regular basis. It’s better if we can connect with a network cable, but if not we’ll have to look for an alternative. The PLC devices, that take the data connection through the electrical network are a good option and very easy to start up.
  • Headphones are your allies in video conferences. We lose a lot of time due to technical issues with audio. They better be comfortable because we can spend many hours a day with them, talking on the phone, but also with music to concentrate.


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