Telegram iis a more complete application than Whatsapp and it gives many more options. Many companies may be thinking of making use of this application, and there are a number of reasons that may be of interest to you to finally adopt this application as an additional tool in your work.

Separation from personal life

Most likely, to stay in touch with your friends and family you use WhatsApp, the messaging app that you master on Android. That’s why using Telegram for work purposes, allows a good separation between your personal and work life. You will be using different applications to keep in touch with these people, which will prevent you from mixing up your use, which can be especially uncomfortable for many.

So it is a good method to be able to have a clear separation between your personal and work contacts. When you work, Telegram will be the application you use, while in your free time or to contact your friends or family, WhatsApp will be the one you use, for example.

Sending large files

One of the advantages of Telegram over other messaging applications has always been the ability to send large files. Unlike most messaging apps, the weight limit is quite wide in this case, so you can send all kinds of files without worrying, even photos without losing quality.

There are times when you may need to send a heavy file to a colleague, or a HD video. Thanks to Telegram it is possible to send these types of files without problems, facilitating many situations and speeding up many processes. For many professionals it can be a good reason to use the messaging application. Especially if we use the PC version as well, since we can download these files directly to the PC and then work with them already.


One field in which Telegram has always stood out in a positive way and continues to do so today is that of privacy. It is one of the main weapons of the messaging application. On the one hand, we have the possibility of creating private chats, which self-destructs. In these chats, it is not possible to take screenshots or record the screen, and when deleted, the files that have been sent in them are also deleted. For certain chats this is a good method.

On the other hand, when using Telegram we can simply use the username, which means that we can hide our phone number and prevent someone we don’t want from having it. Also when we want someone to add us we can use that username and give it to this person so they can find us in the app.

In the app’s settings it’s also possible to hide the last connection time, for example, among other privacy options. This will allow you not to share more information than necessary with those you have contact with in the app.

Bots: a very practical tool

On more than one occasion we have told you about the Telegram bots. While most of them can be intended for informal use, there are bots that can help the application become a perfect tool to work, because they can facilitate many situations or processes, there is even a bot that allows us to access our mail directly from the app.

You can even create your own bot, if there’s something you want to be able to do that the app will allow you to use. This is another interesting option, which will allow you to use it for your work without any problem. The selection of bots is wide and being able to create your own increases the possibilities of taking advantage of this tool in the application. All this contributes to make Telegram a good tool in your work.


One of the main advantages of Telegram is that it is a multiplatform application. In addition to its version for smartphones, there is a desktop version of the application. This version can be installed on the computer and thus be accessed from the same account on the PC and respond to messages normally, which makes it particularly convenient to use. In addition, we also have a web version. From the browser we will also be able to access our account at all times and respond to messages sent to us.


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