The company led by Mark Zuckerberg has been working for some time on a crypto currency for WhatsApp, or so it was thought until now.

Apparently, Facebook has bigger plans for its virtual currency: it intends to use it within all its social networks and in different shops and companies. This has been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal, which assures that the company has started negotiating agreements with dozens of merchants and companies in order to add support for its new payment platform. With it it will face Apple Pay and PayPal, among others.

This system, currently called Project Libra, could be used for personal transfers and purchases on its own platform as well as on other websites, working in a similar way to PayPal or Apple Pay.

In addition, the company is thinking about rewarding users of its social networks with fractions of that currency according to the time they spend on it. They also want to encourage their customers to spend time surfing their different apps.


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