Crises have always been great opportunities to reinvest, to draw essential lessons in life. For about seventy years, more or less after the end of the Second World War, neither Europe nor, in general, the so-called first world had been overwhelmed by a pandemic like the one we are suffering from these days.

A small virus, the now famous coronavirus, is testing the most advanced and globalised humanity in all history. However, the panic is still running, even faster than the contagion of the disease but we must not forget that this situation can also be an opportunity for business.

The reason is as simple as that many companies, because of this pandemic, are beginning to understand that globalization is a fact, that the Internet allows teleworking, and that marketing and sales strategies offline will be totally affected from today and even if there is a rapid recovery. It is the precise and exact moment, since we have a forced quarantine, to learn to handle those tools that are going to make our businesses grow not only now, but in the future.

In any case the reality check that needs to be done goes beyond, this is a new paradigm if you’ve always wanted to lead a freer life but have not been able to, if you’ve always wanted to have a freer business but have not known how; if you have to be at home is because you have to stop and think what you want with your life, where you are going and what you want, not only personally, but also professionally because, I repeat, all crises are opportunities and this will not be an exception.

Sometimes situations like this we are experiencing serve to make us aware of what we really want, a business that gives us freedom and that, in turn, allows us to live, a job that lets us spend time with our children and not work so that someone else can take care of them, to be able to enjoy a good reading on any Wednesday or a magnificent Tuesday morning with the spring sun warming your face, in short a more flexible business. Of course, this does not mean that we will work less (you will probably have to work more) but we will work on something we like and whose performance comes directly to us, and we will be able to organize ourselves according to our personal and family needs.

The problem is that many businesses are not ready for the digital transformation; many still depend on word of mouth, a physical location, references from neighbors and even relatives. They don’t have the systems to sell online, they don’t have the sales, marketing and productivity systems that are now working for the top online businesses in the US and the rest of the world. I’m not talking about fads, but about technique and strategy, and they don’t need ultra-complex processes that only work for a few because they have deep pockets.

However, training is available on the Internet and now you can no longer make the excuse of lack of time.

It’s time to take pencil and paper and write (yes, write) what our business transformation idea is (something we actually are doing, something we like or something we are experts in, a narrow niche, don’t try to start by competing with Amazon) and describe how we think we could carry it out. With that six-line business plan we will have to start a research to know how we can carry it out, how can we transform it in a digital business, what competition we will face, what costs we could bear, what income we will be able to have and what will be our progression (and goals) as the months go by.
And don’t forget to include, please, what you are going to do if you only achieve half, or one tenth of your goals, which is the most normal thing in the online world at first (nobody is born knowing everything about digital marketing 😀 ) and prepare funds for these cases.

And now let’s get to work!


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