Mass layoffs, the crisis and precarious working conditions have prompted some people to try their luck at entrepreneurship. Everyone can be an entrepreneur, but what is not within everyone’s reach is to go from being an entrepreneur to living from your project and setting up a successful company. To avoid failure, it is necessary to develop the skills that successful leaders possess, such as proactivity and innovation, which can help you see opportunities with different eyes.

An entrepreneur is a proactive and restless person who is able to detect opportunities and manage to take advantage of them by applying some kind of innovation to the project.

Are there many more entrepreneurs out there than we actually see?

Many will say no, that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur because they think that entrepreneurs are those visionary characters, who have a brilliant idea and start in their garage (or almost) and in a few years have a business with several hundred employees in their care and everything on the Internet.

But the key here is that entrepreneur can also be the one who tries to do that, but they fall by the wayside. Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is very hard and that the failure rate is very high, with very few achieving complete success.

Could it be that we confuse the entrepreneur with the businessman?


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