At the time of analyzing Apple, the @victoriouscake graphic that we enclose is pure gold and it leads us to the million dollar question about the apple company. How long can Apple maintain its “pricing power”?

Obviously we do not have the answer but we must keep in mind that we are facing a completely abnormal phenomenon that has never been seen before in a sector of massive consumption as competitive and changing as that of the manufacturers of mobile telephony terminals or computers.

We are not talking about just one advantage in technological innovation, something Apple lost a few years ago.

The iPhone has a price premium over the rest of the market of 374%. Something we could understand if it were a niche product, something that is not the case of the iPhone, which sold just over 100 million units a year.

Perhaps for this reason the price of Apple’s stock is so sensitive to possible reductions in the price of the iPhone. Analysts and investors try to anticipate when the “pricing power” of Apple will end, a phenomenon that challenges everything seen in the business world.


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