Amazon is already the most valuable brand in the world. After a decade of fighting for first place, Apple and Google have come in second and third place and have been degraded by Amazon, whose brand value has reached 315,505 million dollars (278,974 million euros).

This has been shown by the BrandZTM 2019 ranking prepared by WPP and Kantar. “It wasn’t a surprise. With its obsession to eliminate any friction in the customer experience, Amazon has changed what consumers expect from a brand,” says BrandZ president David Roth. Moreover, the cumulative effect of Jeff Bezos’ marketplace has almost forced online retailers to become sellers on Amazon.

Good prices, speed and an excellent customer service policy are the basis of Amazon’s success, which began in a garage in 1995 with the sale of books on the Internet. More than 20 years later, the company has more than 86 million physical products, which rises to more than 100 million if digital products are added. It has more than 100 sites worldwide, is present in more than 30 countries and launches more than 4,000 new products every day.

The Apple brand, which has remained in second place, is valued at 309,527 million dollars (273,688.3 million euros), followed by Google, with 309,000 million dollars (273,222.3 million euros). TheĀ  search engine and iPhone bilder had competed for first place over the past twelve years, alternating as the world’s most valuable brands so far.

Complete the top ten ranking Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, McDonald’s and AT&T.


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