Your career is an important part of your life because it is how you make a living and spend the majority of your days. The upside is that the improvements and enhancements in technology will allow you to quickly advance your career and get ahead if you take full advantage of it and what it has to offer you.

There are a few ways in particular that you can use technology to help you in your journey to working smarter instead of harder and getting recognized in the workplace. Technology is only going to become a bigger part of your life and the workplace, so it makes sense to get on board with it and figure out ways it can benefit you starting today.

Taking Online Degrees

One way to advance your career using technology is to take online degrees so you can increase your knowledge in a particular area. For example, you can get your degree in computer science online in your free time without having to physically go to a classroom. It’s a more affordable and opportune way to get an education and learn the specific skills you need for your career. You can arrange to take the courses and go through the program when it’s convenient for you. This is a great way to help you stand out among the crowd and to make sure you have the necessary skills you need to go after higher-level jobs and promotions.

Working Remotely

You can also advance your career using technology by choosing to work remotely. You may even want to start your own business as a freelancer and pick up your own clients. Being able to work from wherever you want whenever you want is a huge advantage to you and can help propel your career forward. You can also choose to apply for jobs that are in a far location and work from home without having to pick up and move. Many companies also allow the ability to work remotely as a perk for the employees so you may want to consider working for a business that allows this type of arrangement.


There are a lot of jobs and positions that will require you to find information quickly and put it to use. Therefore, you can advance your career using technology by using it to conduct research and then gathering your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. There are a lot of useful websites out on the Internet to scope out and sort through. It’s important to give yourself enough time when conducting research and to figure out which sources are actually of value. You can perform research in your job to help you get noticed at work or to look up information in your downtime such as new careers you might want to try. There are going to be days when you’ll need answers right away, and without technology you’d have to take time to find a relevant and related book or visit the library.


Technology has made a big difference when it comes to simply working and getting stuff done. You can advance your career using technology by using computers and software to help you get the answers you need in a timely fashion. You’ll find you commit fewer errors and are able to retrieve the information and data you need at a faster rate when using technology. If you’re good with technology, you’ll be able to perform your job better and prove to your boss that you’re up for new and different challenges. You can now write papers, do calculations, and organize your data and information using the advancements and tools in technology. You’re able to get more done in a shorter amount of time and can speedily send off your work for review without having to meet with someone else in person.

Job seach

Job Searching

Another advantage of technology and how it can help you advance your career is with the job search process. Nowadays, you can hop online and start researching and applying for a wide variety of positions both near and far. The Internet is full of different websites that advertise jobs and offer an easy apply option with the click of a few buttons. You can use technology to learn more about various companies and businesses you’re considering working for. In addition, you can use technology to set up your professional online profile so recruiters and potential employers can understand more about you and your qualifications for a certain job.

You can also conduct interviews online through your computer or a video conference instead of having to travel. This way, you can get hired for a position that you know will be a good fit for you, but that’s in a different location. You no longer have to limit your search to jobs that are geographically close to where you live.

Starting A Side Business or Blog

You can also use technology to start your own side business or blog if you’re unsatisfied in your current job or position. Technology allows for anyone to become an entrepreneur and work for themselves, so now you can too. All it takes is you having a skill that you can put to good use and finding clients who you can work for. Advance your career using technology by following your dreams and working a job that allows you to create your own schedule and work more independently. You can also use a blog as a side gig and way to make money in your downtime if you choose. Use an online marketing strategy as an opportunity to advertise your products or services and get your name out to your target audience and in the public eye.

Project Management

Advance your career using technology by taking advantage of project management software and tools. Now you can use it to track your assignments and tasks as well as monitor performances for those who work under or for you. You can reach your goals at a quicker rate when you’re good about staying on top of your to-do list and figuring out what needs to get done next. There are programs you can use to keep tabs on your own individual tasks as well as group projects you’re in charge of. You can set up alerts and reminders too so you can make sure you don’t fall behind or get off track.

Network Online

It’s always a wise idea to be networking when you’re looking to advance your career. A simple way to do so in this day and age is to hop online. There are now professional networking sites you can take advantage of so you can connect with those you meet after the fact. There are chat and messaging functions, so you can get in touch no matter where you are in the world. These sites also have job boards you can scroll through if you’re looking to advance your career by getting a new position that better fits your needs. With technology, you can start conversations and get help with your tasks or business by going on these sites and asking the right questions with those you’re connected to online.

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Take Training & Teach Yourself A New Skill

In addition to taking formal courses, there are also numerous informal training sessions you can take online so you can advance your career. For example, maybe you want to improve your skills with Excel or Word and need a quick way to teach yourself these programs. There are a wide variety of classes and tutorials online that you can use to help you achieve your professional goals. There are guided lessons as well as those that you can simply do on your own and teach yourself. This is a quick, easy, and affordable way to gain new abilities and improve in certain areas that you may find challenging. It’s easy to go online in your free time and start a course that you can work on and return to later when you have the time to finish it. You can also get online certifications to show others that you’re knowledgeable in a particular area.

Organize Your Work

You can also use technology to gather and organize your past work projects and show off what you’ve done in previous jobs. This way, you’ll always have a portfolio ready to share with potential employers and can use it as a way to track your own progress. There are plenty of websites and tools out there and available to you so you can put all of your work examples in one place and access them when you need to. This is especially useful if your work projects are visual and you want to make sure someone can quickly see your talents such as if you’re a photographer or contractor. You can even create your own website so you can post your projects there and have people visit it whenever they choose to review your work and talents.


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