If your small business does not have a website, why not? It is the best way to reach customers, show off what you do best, and help customers pick you over your competitors.

If you do have a website, though, how often do you assess it to see how effective it is? Merely creating a website and hoping for the best isn’t the ticket to success. Instead, it’s an ongoing process that needs continuous improvements.

Whichever camp your business is in, below are four excellent reasons to make 2019 the year you focus on your business website.

1.- It’s your online storefront

For all businesses, a website is crucial. Not only does it show what you do, but you can explain why your products are the best. Just as visual merchandising does for brick and mortar storefronts, your website gives you the opportunity to showcase products and services exactly how you want. The design and aesthetics you choose will be tailored precisely to your products as you display them in an attractive, appealing way.

You need to create your business website with the customer in mind. If any page is lacking important content, you need to focus on refreshing the content and optimizing it for its best use. Your homepage, for example, needs to clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and what you want visitors to do. Want them to visit your product page? Tell them, but also give them the means to do so by including a clickable button.

2.- It can reach millions of potential customers worldwide

No longer do business owners need to rely solely on customers stumbling across their store in the city center. A website can be viewed globally, giving a business a chance to reach audiences wider than ever before. A card retailer in the U.S. can find customers in Europe and ship products directly to them. This transaction would never happen without a dedicated, professional website.

Of course, there’s a little bit more than just designing a website to reach worldwide audiences. Undertaking SEO is a necessity, not a desirable trait in 2019. Novice website owners should always turn to the professionals to ensure their SEO is second to none, such as digitalmarkgroup.com.

3.- It gives customers a way to contact you

If a customer buys a product from your website, it will always be a point of contact to return to if there is an issue. Your website needs to contain a “Contact Us” page to ensure customers can do so. It is a crucial aspect of your site. Include an easy-to-fill form which will automatically deliver responses to your inbox, along with an email address, a phone number, and your address.

Having a clear and concise “Contact Us” section also builds trust between the brand and customers. Customers view a business that does not feature vital information as suspicious: why would a company not highlight their information? By including your contact details, you are showing customers that you are a real company and they are welcome to message, phone, or visit you at their convenience.

4.- It can be your online portfolio

For those who sell services rather than products, a website can be the ideal portfolio to showcase your skills. Freelancer writers, for example, can showcase their latest articles. Doing so is the best way to highlight to potential clients what you can deliver. Your portfolio is one of the essential ways to attract new clients and make sure they select you. It is also a perfect way of showing how professional you are.

When designing an online portfolio, take your aesthetics into careful consideration. Select a design that best represents your services and make sure it’s very straightforward to navigate through the pages. Additionally, always include your personal information, including a summary of who you are and your experience.


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