Qatari sociologist Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari has shared a controversial video in which he teaches how to beat women according to Islam.

“Many people, especially married people, want to know how to beat their women”. So begins the video in which the sociologist explains the main thing is to make the woman understand the man “is the leader of the house”.

“You have to hit her just to discipline her, you have to do it with love,” continues the sociologist, who explains that blows should not leave bruises or wounds that bleed.

To teach his followers how to hit a woman, the sociologist has the help of a child: “Obviously it’s a boy, but let’s do as if it were a woman”, he says. At that moment he explains the first thing to do is to warn the woman that she is doing something wrong and once the wife replies, you have to give her small blows in the arms because Islam prohibits other types of blows.

“The prophet forbade blows to the face. Slapping, hitting the head or punching him in the nose is forbidden”, says the sociologist, who says that with some women “warn” will not help and that “the only thing that helps is to hit them”.


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