On March 27, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Pennsylvania, USA, published a list of the most wanted fugitives on its Facebook page. Chloe Jones was on the list, wanted by authorities after failing to show up on a charge of assault and battery.

Upon seeing the image, Jones, calling herself Chloe Tyler on the social network, decided to leave a comment mocking the officers. “Do you pick up or deal?” asked the young woman, adding several emojis that cried with laughter.

Jones also began to discuss with other user comments, revealing that she was in a hospital in Morgantown, in Western Virginia. The city police located her and sent her to Pennsylvania.

The Sheriff’s Office announced her arrest on Facebook, also with some mockery of the fugitive. “Mrs. Chloe Jones and her witty comments are taking a break from our Facebook comments section because there is no Internet in prison”.


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