What do we need mobile devices for? Almost everything there is! Your mobile devices contain all sorts of important personal information and work-related data, making them convenient and dangerous at the same time.

As the threat landscape continues to develop, it is significant to understand why mobile device security is absolutely critical.

Threats To Mobile Device Security

Chains on mobile devices
If only chains could protect mobile devices

Cybercrime rapidly evolves with the changing trends and as more and more employers shift towards mobile devices the threats to mobile device security also speedily increase.

Network Threats

As of 2021, the increase in network threats particularly on the remote workers’ networks is alarming. Network threats involve cyberattacks to the unsecured and open WiFi connections, which is definitely one of the major security threats right now. Another type of network threat still on the rise is “network or IP spoofing”, where hackers modify the original IP with a fake one to steal or impersonate the user’s identity.

Malicious Apps And Websites

Another threat to mobile device security is malicious applications and websites, which are mostly the root of mobile devices vulnerabilities. Downloading such applications and then granting them access to your data endangers your device’s security.

Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

In a MitM (Man-In-The-Middle) attack, the cybercriminals intercept a network communication between a client and a server, either to eavesdrop or change the data being shared. Mobile devices are mostly the target of MitM attacks as they utilize public WiFi and mobile networks, which is the basic requirement for a successful attack.


Since mobile devices are always powered on, they are the easiest target for a phishing attack. Phishing through emails is the most commonly known method and many other cyberattacks begin with phishing emails as well. Apart from emails, SMS messaging, applications, and social media accounts offer enough resources for a malicious attack.

As reported by Verizon, there was a 37% increase in mobile phishing attacks for the year 2020 which indicates the significance of mobile device security.

Phising detection
Can you spot when you are being phished?

What Can Be Done To Assure Mobile Device Security?

Organizations and individuals today require essential security measures for mobile devices security in order to properly encrypt data and avoid any cyberattacks. For that numerous meaningful precautionary steps can be taken:

Protection Against Malicious Applications

This has probably been told a million times, but downloading applications from a trusted source like Google Play and Apple Store is still pertinent to secure your mobile device. Also, the built-in security features of your mobile device such as Google Play Protect offer safety against malware and malicious applications.

Mobile Application Management tools are another best approach to protect your data against leakage through these malicious applications.

Countermeasures Against Phishing

Social Engineering attacks like phishing can be best dealt with by teaching the employees how to recognize and get rid of phishing scams. Moreover, giving access to sensitive data to a limited number of trusted employees can also work in reducing the access points for attackers.

Business VPNs For Secure Network

Employees working from mobile devices must avoid public WiFi or free hotspots to avoid any cyberattack. Moreover, organizations must provide business virtual private networks (VPNs) to their remote workers to offer a secure work session.

The Takeaway

Since the pandemic, mobile devices have certainly become office workhorses. The proliferation of remote work across the globe has opened uncountable opportunities for hackers, thus making mobile device security absolutely critical. Identifying the major threats and then preparing the right defense mechanism to safeguard mobile devices is crucial in 2021 for all businesses to prosper and avoid cyberattacks.



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