More than 10 years ago, a citizen named Daniel White showed a video to publicize the effects of a virus on Windows 9x. The virality of this clip led him to share other recordings with different malware (worms, Trojans, among others) hosted on his own computer, and that’s why today he still has his channel on YouTube where he lets us see in detail the effects that each malicious program has on his computer.

The YouTube account is called danooct1 and its use is dedicated to show us the sad consequences of hosting a virus in the PC. Through YouTube playlists you can watch virus videos on Windows 10, Android and even MS-DOS. The best thing is that, in addition to not putting our PC at risk, we can also access information related to the video from the video description.

For example, in the video you will see below about a Trojan, it is explained that it is a virus located in a website that can multiply the open windows while trying to close the others, causing this to saturate the RAM memory:

According to White, these executions are possible thanks to the virtual machines created with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, which allow you to run the malicious programs without fear of them infecting your system.

He also takes advantage of his social network to announce that the virus fever arose mostly by programmers and enthusiasts who wanted to play tricks on their colleagues by hiding infections and damaging files, rather than by generating money, as happens with ransomware.

Currently the account has already exceeded 268,000 subscribers and has videos that have over 1 million plays, such as the YouAreAnIdiot Trojan clip, CIH (also known as Chernobyl virus), email worms, among others. So, if one day you were curious to see what it was like to have a Trojan on a PC, now you can enjoy it without putting your device at risk.


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