One of the big problems of social networks is the heavy harassment that takes place on them, which even causes some of them to launch with an emphasis on good vibes. This has led companies to start thinking about how to protect users, and one of the latest fruits on Twitter is the new ‘Safe Mode’, which according to Jack Dorsey’s company provides functions that can help reduce unwanted interactions.

This is a function that, once activated by the user, blocks accounts for seven days that the social network believes use potentially harmful language such as insults or hateful comments. But it doesn’t stop there, because messages from accounts that make too many repetitive mentions will not be visible either.

To avoid blocking followers we normally talk to, Twitter takes into account the relationship with the analysed account, either by following each other or by commenting frequently.

Here’s how you can activate it

If you want to block such comments, which Twitter calls “disruptive”, for a week, go to “Privacy and security” in the settings of the Twitter application. There you will find the possibility to activate “Safe Mode”.

The screenshots show that the app lets you choose the number of days you can protect yourself with this measure, but the upper limit seems to be seven days, and probably what we can do is choose a lower figure.

By activating it, we will also stop receiving direct messages from accounts that Twitter deems appropriate to block. The social network warns that because they know that the application could sometimes block accounts by mistake, it will allow you to undo automatic blocking, for which there is a section.

For the moment, Safe Mode will be limited to a small group of users chosen by the company, starting with accounts that have English language settings enabled. What we can do now, if we want to limit who can reply to us, for example, is to specify it when we write tweets.


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