Given that millions of users use social networks worldwide, it is logical that security should remain at the top. Hence, the latest failure of Twitter is simply fatal: it has compromised the password of all users.

We say that it is fatal because a network of its size should not have problems with something as basic in security as the password; and because the error is almost absurd: Twitter saved the passwords of its users in plain text, without encrypting. Accessing this database is not easy, but the passwords have been exposed so far to anyone who has been able to read them.

The message is clear and appears on screen to all who enter Twitter as of today: the error has been serious, it is the fault of Twitter and, in addition to having solved it, asks that, as an extra security, we change the start password . They assure that they have no proof that someone within the company has been able to access the file:

“We have corrected the error and our investigation shows that no person violated the rules or misused the information.”

The best thing we can do is change the password and activate the verification in two steps. In this way we will make sure that nobody will have access to our Twitter account even if all the passwords of the social network are filtered afterwards.


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