Twitter has reduced from 1,000 to 400 the number of accounts a user can follow throughout a day. And no, it’s not a whimsical choice. What those responsible for this social network have seen is that the ‘follow’ and ‘stop following’ the same account many times in a short period of time is one of the techniques most used by spammers.

A spammer is a user who sends very high amounts of mail or other types of junk content. It is common for them to “follow and then stop following a large number of accounts in an effort to inflate the number of followers themselves,” as explained in the Twitter help center.

To prevent this kind of abuse, the social network has decided to change the limit on the number of accounts that can be tracked in 24 hours; this limit that was previously set at 1,000 is now reduced to 400 accounts. It was the Twitter security account that made users aware of the new limit on the number of accounts a user can follow during the same day. These bans are made in order to “promote authentic experiences,” says the social network.


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