The rules of some streaming video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch can often cause more than one problem. This is precisely what has happened to the streamer Quqco, whose Twitch account has been suspended for broadcasting dressed in a cosplay of Chun-Li (Street Fighter) “too suggestive”.

The young woman dedicates herself to art. She makes illustrations of her favourite video game scenes and characters and also has cosplay as a hobby. In his latest video, Quqco wore the classic costume of Chun Li, a character from the fighting game Street Fighter, something the platform didn’t like.

Shortly after uploading the video, Twitch sent an email announcing the suspension of his account for three days for displaying “sexually suggestive content or activities”, something the streamer does not understand.

The streamer bought a larger size so that the slit that opens the dress on the legs wouldn’t be too high. “The slit on the dress is a lot more discreet than some of the pants I wear to run,”.

The streamers have been complaining for years about the platform’s rules related to sexually explicit content, as they consider that they are not well defined and that’s why things like the one that happened to Quqco happen. In fact, it’s not the first time Twitch has suspended Quqco’s account. He already did it when he showed a cosplay of Mai Shiranui, from the video game King of Fighters. On that occasion, the young woman said that the suspension was caused by several complaints from members of a Reddit community and claimed that she had been sexually harassed.


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