Twitch may be considering changing the monetization system it is offering to streamers as a strategy to improve long-term earnings.

Although the structure to be implemented is not yet defined, it is already being foreseen that it could bring some negative consequences to streamers, since subscription revenues would be reduced. Twitch could be considering different proposals to restructure the monetization system. One of them would have to do with the % of revenue sharing for subscriptions.

For example, Twitch currently gives streamers 70% of the revenue from tier 3 subscriptions, but with the new structure, it could be 50%. In other words, it would be equal shares. A dynamic that would also be carried to the rest of the levels of subscriptions.

Another possibility that could be considered is to offer different payment levels that will depend on a series of requirements for their category. Or it might provide more incentives for streamers to run more ads.

So streamers could see a reduction in the percentage of subscription revenue. A change that would not sit well with the top streamers on the platforms. But perhaps this will also lead Twitch to make certain concessions to maintain the interest of content creators. For example, it could remove exclusivity restrictions so that streamers can stream on other platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

Twitch has not given any comment on the matter, so there is still no certainty that these changes will be implemented on the platform in the near future. We will have to wait until there is official information to know the new strategy Twitch plans to implement to increase its profits in the long term.


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