Donald Trump carried out his threat to Twitter and yesterday signed an executive order for the Federal Trade Commission to determine whether it is possible to withdraw social networking privileges against legal claims for content appearing on their platforms.

So far, social networks are not responsible for the content published by their users because any citizen was supposed to be able to use them to express himself freely. Once social networks have established editorial lines (which Trump considers favorable to leftists) to filter out certain messages if they do not conform to their guidelines, they become a media like any other and therefore should not have privileges.

The order is an apparent retaliation against Twitter, which this week for the first time placed warnings with doubts about its veracity in two messages from the U.S. president. In them, he called the vote by mail “fraudulent” (one of Trump’s obsessions in the year of his re-election)

Trump, which has over 80 million followers on the social network, has used Twitter as an effective tool to spread its messages and communicate directly with its bases. But the social network has been committed since the 2016 election – which was plagued by misinformation campaigns – to avoiding spreading conspiracy theories, hoaxes and falsehoods, and Trump was eventually warned.


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