Since almost all social networks have been expelling Trump for inciting hatred and violating their policies of use, the former president has decided to create one for himself, with its own policies and rules of use, one that will allow him to express himself how and when he wants without fearing the consequences or possible censorship.

This has been confirmed by Trump’s senior advisor, Jason Miller, in an interview with Fox News, where he stated that the platform could start operating in the next two or three months.

He declined to go into further details for the moment, but says that Trump has been approached by “numerous companies” regarding this social network, and that he is having meetings with one and all to transform the project into a very large platform, Miller himself added.

The goal, which he believes will be easy to achieve, will be to attract “tens of millions of people,” most likely from around the world.

Having been indefinitely banned from Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, mainly for inciting violence before the Capitol attack, he has had to find a solution of his own that will allow his more than 80 million Twitter followers to keep reading and cheering him on for his future policy proposals.


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