Social media marketing is one of the most used digital marketing strategy currently. Top marketing agencies including Probella digital marketing agency encourage businesses to use social media as it possesses the potential to let your business reach billions. However, with dozens if not hundreds of social media platforms, not all of them can effectively help you achieve your goal i.e. reach the maximum amount of people. It is therefore essential that you know which social media platforms to focus on when you are doing your social media marketing.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with over 2 million active monthly users. Facebook’s audience is diverse consisting of people from all corners of the world be it, the American continent, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Facebook also covers all demographics from the young to the old, however, the most active age group are young adults from 25 to 34. With the majority of Facebook users being young adults, it means any business targeting this age group will find Facebook advertising highly rewarding. The results may not be particularly impressive for business targeting the 13 to 17 or the 60+ age groups.

Instagram Advertising

Slightly behind Facebook is Instagram which has nearly 700 million active users. Instagram focuses largely on sharing images and videos, therefore, has a huge following among the young and older folk. Instagram is mostly used by women than men and it has a huge following among urbanites than those living in the rural areas. In addition, Instagram is also used mostly by people with a college degree and who have more disposable income. This means if you’re targeting young females who are just starting their careers, an Instagram campaign is likely to yield more positive results. With Instagram stories, brands have the space to inform in detail what their products are and how they benefit consumers.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter has over 328 million active users and is popular among both men and women. Twitter is perfect for businesses that want to inform their customers about changes to their product or service. However, it can also be used for in-depth detailing of a product or service. Twitter’s popularity is spread even among urbanites and ruralites. For an effective campaign, a business can create a hashtag for its product or service or it can promote its tweets so that they reach more people.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is primarily a social media platform where professionals share tips with others and where companies post case studies, results of surveys and job openings among others. LinkedIn has slightly more men than women and it is mostly used by people who are in employment with high disposable income. As this platform is dominated by businesses and professionals, it is perfect for B2B i.e. Business to Business brands. LinkedIn helps advertisers to reach their target audience through its innovative features. Additionally, LinkedIn offers free digital marketing courses and free advertising credit for new businesses that want to advertise on the platform.


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