More than 24 hours have passed since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and the images of shelling, disabled armored vehicles and fatalities are constantly appearing both on the main television channels and on social networks, in some cases without any relation to the conflict or even to reality itself. In this sense, Bloomberg has warned about the virality of several ArmA 3 videos.

More in detail are mentioned small clips uploaded to Facebook disguised as breaking news from fake TV channels. Their popularity was on the rise yesterday and they came to be shared 25,000 times with 110,00 plays. The most viewed video was, in fact, a bombing run in ArmA 3 over a coastal area, which accumulated more than 52,000 views before being taken down.

Bloomberg states in its information that up to five of these videos were among the most successful content on Facebook Gaming, showing military assaults that were actually sequences of Bohemia Interactive’s war action simulator. Once they were alerted from the news agency, Facebook removed these videos, although it is to be expected that similar clips will continue to be published in the coming days. They were also removed from Twitter after the hoax was discovered.

This is not the first time ArmA 3 has been used to illustrate moments of war conflicts. Already in 2018, Russian television confused the video game with the Syrian War.



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