Facebook sold ads to Russian fake accounts during the US election

Russian ties in US elections continue to come to light. Facebook reported this Wednesday, September 6 they discovered more than 470 fake accounts from Russia that bought about 3,300 listings for a total of $ 100,000 in the past two years.

The data was revealed by Facebook representatives to the US Congress as part of their internal research to clarify the role of ads on their platform, according to several people familiar with the case, quoted by The Washington Post.

In the United States, congressional investigators and special prosecutor Robert Mueller continue to investigate Russia’s alleged involvement in last year’s presidential election. Months after Republican Donald Trump’s election victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton, US intelligence determined that Russia had intervened to help the current President, so Democrats demanded a thorough investigation.

Facebook detected the link of Moscow with the purchase of political announcements as part of the investigations that began this year. Its security chief, Alex Stamos, said in a statement that the accounts were closed and stressed the social network’s commitment to continue to protect the integrity of its platform and improve its ability to track such situations.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that in recent months they have also blocked fraudulent accounts related to electoral intrusions in France and Germany. In addition, they recently implemented a policy that does not allow pages created on the platform to advertise if they have a false sharing pattern.


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