The stories that started on Snapchat have conquered the world of the social web, and now everyone wants to have them on their platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify… they’ve all been putting them or have them on their to-do list, and Pinterest couldn’t be any different.

Last year, Pinterest also joined in by experimenting with a feature called “Story Pins” that allowed creators to share their ideas in a Story-like format. These Story Pins could contain multiple pages of text, images, video and links, but the new format was never released to the public. Now they’re back on track to offer an expanded group of American creators a new second version of Story Pins that offers “inspirational content”.

Pinterest explained that people were looking for upbeat, positive messages, and they believe the creators can help at that point, which is very necessary in times of pandemic.

Story Pins are designed as clickable content for sharing ideas. It can be a step-by-step approach to cooking a recipe, or ideas on how to rearrange the office or room, for example. They will be adapted to what people are most looking for during quarantine: remote working, crafts, and so on.

They tried it out in some European countries last year, but the one they’re now presenting in closed beta in the United States is somewhat different. The current version now offers a native experience where all the content will live inside the Story Pin, it has no links to external platforms. This new version has also added more creative editing and publishing features, such as theme tagging, color customization, video support and other details.


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