Internet users are increasingly active on Facebook, which so far this year has increased both comments such as “I Like” and clicks on ads, according to data released this Tuesday, despite the numerous scandals affecting the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

Audience Insights, the tool created by the social network itself for advertisers to know the habits of users and thus better target their advertising campaigns, said that between January and July, the average number of comments written by every Internet user in the world rose from 4 to 5. In the same seven months, the average “Like” of each user on Facebook increased from 9 to 13 and, in the case of clicks on ads on the social network, the increase was from 8 to 11.

Thus, the general trend among the 2,380 million active monthly users the company from Menlo Park (California) claims to have (almost a third of the world’s population) was to spend more time on Facebook or, at least, to be more active on this social network. In the specific case of the United States -the second country with the most Facebook users, behind only India-, the trend was the same: an increase of 6 to 8 comments on average per user; from 9 to 13 in the case of “I like”, and from 13 to 17 in the case of clicks on ads.

The multiple controversies related to privacy and data management in which the most used social network on the planet has been involved in recent months do not seem, therefore, to have negatively affected the habits of users.


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