Instagram has announced that it is working on a tool that will allow the platform to share revenue with Instagrammers through ads on IGTV (Instagram TV) next week.

The idea is that content creators can receive a percentage of up to 55% of advertising revenues, provided they accept a more restrictive usage policy than the one currently in force for the rest of the users, designed to avoid inconveniencing advertisers (so aspects such as the use of bad words will be limited).

In addition, at least during the first steps of this program, each video will be reviewed by human moderators before approving that they meet the requirements for monetization. These moderators will also be able to monitor the comments of the monetized videos, to ensure that they do not harm the brands either.

During the transmissions, users will be able to buy heart-shaped badges as a donation, as a way of thanking the instagrammer for its content. For the user, the only use of these badges will be that they will be shown next to his name for the duration of the broadcast.

One badge will be worth $0.99, two will be worth $1.99 and three will be paid at $4.99. There is no possibility of buying more in a single live show. All the income will go to the creators, but Instagram plans to take an undetermined percentage if the initiative becomes popular.

The company is trying to do its best to encourage the growth of video content and creators now have reason to grow their channels through Instagram growth services or organic growth, which, given the stiff competition from Youtube and Tiktok, seems particularly tight.


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