A study by scientists at Stanford and the University of New York says that if we move away from the social network we will be happier. To reach this conclusion, they have evaluated the behavior of a group of 2,488 people.

These thousands of people selected for the study spent (on average) one hour a day on Facebook. They divided those 2,488 participants into two groups: those that would deactivate their accounts for a month and another control that would continue using the social network.

During that month, researchers monitored the status of these participants through a series of online surveys, SMS and analyzing their activity on Facebook.

In those reports, the participants had to say how they feel at that moment: their level of happiness, loneliness and what was the predominant emotion in the last ten minutes. The scientists were discovering that those who had moved away from Facebook were happier.

They found that the group that deactivated their profile spent less time on other social networks, spending more time on other activities unrelated to the Internet: spending time with friends and family or watching television.

In this way, participants who deactivated their account were less exposed to news. In addition, once they reactivated their accounts they began to spend less time in the social network, and it seems that having left the platform made them rethink their use of it.

It must be made clear that this investigation was carried out before the US presidential election in 2016. Now that we know everything that happened with Cambridge Analytica in that period, we can understand that the participants felt better away from the social network in that era.


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