We should see social networks as a resource to attract customers, and not just as a place to sell, as it is easier to sell thanks to social networks than to get sales on social networks. A good Social Selling strategy will make your brand stand out from the rest and position itself in the top of mind of users, turning them into potential customers.

The use of social networks to sell products is a fact, the social networks that have taken the initiative in this have been Facebook and Instagram.

With this in mind, the main thing is to develop our strategy including these tips:

1.- Define our target audience

It is necessary to clearly identify our target audience. How? Listening to what users say about us and our company (about the products, the criticisms, the contents that interest them), managing that information in an appropriate way.

With that info, we can select what social networks are best for our brand, and what kind of campaign should we involved in (i.e.: tatoos, Instagram; repair service, Facebook, etc.)

2.- You don’t just have to be there, you have to participate.

It is very necessary to check when someone mentions us, and when they are talking about issues related to our brand in order to position us, make us visible and, above all, generate greater user engagement.

Another very important aspect in the relationship with potential users or clients is their attention. It is necessary to respect the channel of arrival of the consultation, answering through the same channel with a quick response by the company, because to sell and lead the user to the purchase decision, the speed factor is very important.

3.- Give attractive content to your buyers

Knowing who our target audience is and where they are, we must ask ourselves what is it that they want or are interested in us? This will be key when it comes to creating value content.

We must give users a real reason to follow us. This motive is content of quality and interest. Through this strategy, potential customers will become fans of our brand because content is key to achieve a differential situation with respect to the competition, ie to be in the minds of users.

4.- Keep your website ready

The social networks are not the site where the sale materializes, but it takes place on the website. There is always talk of “selling on social networks” although in reality we should talk about “looking for customers on social networks”.

That’s why before making sales through social networks, your website must be ready and  flawless. To get good conversion rates based on visits, it is necessary that this is ready when the public that has been interested in you in social networks arrives at your landing page.

To sell on social networks, it is very important, in any campaign, you send your traffic directly to the product page, or to the exact landing with the discount you have published.

Do not send traffic to your homepage, ir does not sell. Period.

5.- Last but not least, measure it all!

If we don’t measure it, how are we going to improve it? We must analyze the percentage of traffic coming from our social networks and what part of it becomes a sale, so we can optimize our strategy, improving our engagement and increasing our conversions.

If you are not able to carry out this measurement, you will surely end up throwing your money away and blaming social networks for swindling you. In this case, before launching a campaign, you should hire professionals who are able to tell you clearly where each of the sales you have made (direct users, search engines, email marketing, social networks, etc.) came from.


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