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Author: Emily Cretella

How Do You Know If Your School Is Writing Quality Content?

When it comes to writing online content, we always hear quality is more important than quantity. But how do you really know if the content your school is putting out there is quality content?

First, think of the definition: quality means high-grade; superiority; excellence. Something of quality has characteristics that make it distinctive. Appealing. Better than average.

When you think of quality products, they are usually the ones that take more time to create, that are infused with artistry, that require more of an investment.

The same goes for content. In most cases, quality content requires time, expertise and resources. But this investment is worthwhile, because the end result is more rewarding.

So how can you determine if a specific piece of content is high quality?

1. It answers to the audience. Quality content puts the audience first. It understands the reader’s challenges and interests, and it puts information in context of those wants and needs. Quality content is not information you want to share, it’s information your audience wants you to share.

2. It has a goal. If you’re using content as a way to market your school, you have to have a goal in mind for each piece of content you produce. Do you want your latest article to help increase email subscriptions? Campus tours? New-student inquiries? If you don’t know what you want your content to achieve, you’re just producing content – you’re not content marketing.

3. It is measurable. A piece of content’s quality level can be measured by the results it achieves. So once you have your goal defined, you need a way to measure your success. Did you email subscriber list grow? Did you do 10% more tours this month? Did 10 more prospective students fill out your online form? Keeping track of how well your content performs will help you create similarly successful content in the future.

The next time you sit down to write content for your school, start by answering these questions: Who is the audience? What is my goal? How will I measure its success?

Once you know these answers, you’ll be better equipped to produce the high-grade, superior, excellent content your school deserves.

Emily Cretella

Emily Cretella

Owner, Content Marketing Strategist & Copywriter at Cursive Content Marketing

I help schools and small businesses create and share awesome content that makes people take action. Read more about how storytelling can help you engage your audience and reach your goals at

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