Twitter has presented its quarter financial results. It closed a plain 2016, when the growth was scarce and poor, compared to the expectations generated by the presidential elections of the United States and the figure of Donald Trump, very active user of the platform that speaks here without any filter. These quarters could be the best showcase for Twitter but failed to capitalize on it, not even with the constant presence of tweets in televisions and newspapers.

In recent months we have seen a great acceleration of Twitter to drive improvements in the product in order to attract new users and loyalty to the ones that already have, especially after the quitting announced for years by some famous that pointed at impunity of harassment on the platform as a reason for his depart. Somehow, we have seen a kind of facebookation of Twitter. Has it generated a rebound in the number of monthly active users? Yes, Twitter has grown back like it has not grown for a long time.

Specifically, it has reached 328 million active monthly users, nine million more than in the previous quarter, which represents a growth of 3.5%. The growth in daily use has been even more considerable, it reaches up to 14% increase over the same period a year ago. That is, users who already used Twitter every month but not every day have started to use something more the platform.

Revenues have been higher than expected, but they also indicate a significant drop in growth. While expectations were about 609 million dollars, actual sales have reached 548.3 million dollars.

And still there is the problem of the recurrent losses, this quarter $62 million, so the company does not quit to burn capital.


  1. Exceptional post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this concept of facebookation.
    Are we all facebooked? Only heavy mobile users? Only tweeters?


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