Facebook has just taken a first and small step to begin to respect a little more the privacy of its users. In the main conference of the event F8 for developers that took place last night, Zuckerberg announced that soon they would launch a tool so that the users will be able to erase some data collected by Facebook.

The tool is called “Clear History”, and with it we can delete the data collected by Facebook cookies on websites and third-party applications. These data are usually used to offer personalized ads, so the social network will lose that personalization of the ads.

“Once we implement this update, you will be able to see information about the applications and websites with which you have interacted, and you will be able to delete this information from your account”, Zuckerberg explained during the event. “You can even deactivate having this information stored in your account”.

When we navigate through some websites, some plugins like the “Like” button contain cookies that collect the websites we enter for Facebook. With these data, Facebook designs a kind of personal profile in which they collect our personal tastes according to the websites and apps that we use, and these are used to direct the ads of companies that want to show them only to certain people.

So far they have not talked about any specific date for the launch of the function, we only know that it is being developed and will come in the coming months. Therefore we still have to wait a bit to see how easy it is to use.


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