Facebook will allow users to have greater control over the facial recognition function so, from now on, the social network will stop using this technology by default.

Now the terms on the use of facial recognition are clearer and its use is in the hands of users, who will have greater control of their image and their own content. Thus the few users who already had this feature activated will be easier to deactivate. New users and those who have activated the function of suggestions of labels in the social network will be delivered deactivated by default and will be sent a notification explaining the operation of facial recognition technology.

“People will be able to manually tag their friends, but we won’t suggest that you do so if you don’t have facial recognition enabled. If you have facial recognition settings disabled, you will not be notified,” said Srinivas Narayanan, head of research for Facebook AI. In addition, Facebook will remove tagging suggestions, a feature that relied on facial recognition only to encourage the user to tag friends if they appeared in the photos.


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