Facebook continues to add services focused on relationships and matchmaking within its social network. Secret Crush is an add-on that adds possibilities to the Facebook Dating dating section, which is now being expanded to more countries.

Secret Crush is the new Facebook feature that will match Facebook friends who have shown interest in each other. The secret is that it is a private list that no one is aware of until there is a match.

The service works in a very simple way. You have a private list in which you can add up to nine Facebook friends/contacts (for example, those you met at a party and exchanged friendship on the social network) to whom you are interested in knowing more and having the chance to start a love relationship.

None of those contacts know that he is on that list except when he adds you to his Secret Crush, when Facebook matches you and puts you in touch via Messenger.

Before that, if he or she is also on Facebook Dating or has created a Secret Crush list, he or she receives a notice that someone has added him or her (no indication of who) to a Crush.

To avoid spam, Facebook, once added nine friends to that Crush list, will only admit to change one of them per day, always without exceeding the initial nine.

Facebook Dating, which is now available in Colombia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and Thailand, expands its availability from today to 14 more countries, mostly in Asia and South America. According to the company, it will also be launched in the USA this year.


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