After Facebook put buttons with various emotions and feelings as reactions in the posts – you know, “I love”, “I am fun”, etc. -, the social network is daring to try something that deep in our hearts, We all wanted to see a while ago on Mr. Zuckerberg’s platform: the “I do not like” button. Now of course, everything sounds nice to us users, however the test is not really what we were expecting.

The website is experimentally implementing this button, but for the conversations of Messenger, as well as the reactions mentioned above. This way, we can add different faces to the messages that we send by this application, including a thumb down.

According to TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson said: “We are always trying to make Messenger more entertaining and interesting. This is a small test that we are enabling to share emojis that best represent our feelings in a conversation.”

It is worth remembering that social network users have asked for this button for a long time already, however the company has resisted to implement it, given that, among several other reasons, it could affect in terms of image the potential announcers of this platform . And of course, after all, Facebook is a company.


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