The social network Facebook has announced that last quarter closed 2,190 million false accounts, a record figure. This account closure comes at a time when the company has opted to reconvert after numerous scandals.

The 2.19 billion accounts that were deleted between January and March is a figure very close to the number of legitimate active monthly users that Facebook has, 2.38 billion users. The explanation is that a majority of these fake accounts are quick and automatically created and managed by bots.

This “reconversion” for which the company is working aims to combat disinformation and lack of transparency in the social network, as well as increase privacy and reduce the “toxicity” of content that is published.

False accounts, whose real identity does not correspond to those who claim to be on Facebook, managed by robots have recently become one of the main tools used to generate confusion and spread disinformation online. Many times these are coordinated actions to influence a certain way on a specific issue, such as a poll or an issue that raises controversy.

In addition to the number of closed accounts, the company explained measures it has taken to control so-called “hate speech” aimed at specific social groups and reported an increase in the amount of content removed from the 3.3 million it closed in the last quarter of 2018 to 4 million in the first three months of 2019. The percentage of early detection (without reporting) increases to 96.8% in the case of sexual content and adult nudity (also banned by Facebook) and to 98.9% in the case of violence and graphic content, but nevertheless drops to 14.1% in situations of online harassment. A fact that worries Facebook because avoiding harassment on this network is one of its priorities.


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