Until now, the applications belonging to Mark Zuckerberg’s company – Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp – have worked separately. However, the executive director of Facebook has confirmed that he intends to unite the three platforms into one.

The project would allow users to send messages and make calls between the three applications indistinctly, without needing to have the other person’s phone number.

The plan is still in its initial phase, but it is expected to be ready for launch between the end of this year and the beginning of 2020.

The company has advanced some points that explain the operation of the project. They have explained that in order to have the three applications integrated, the user must activate this option, so they have the possibility of maintaining the autonomy of each one. They have also assured that all messages will be encrypted as they are in WhatsApp at the moment.

In addition, the interface will possibly be represented with a different color depending on the origin of the message. According to this idea, if the message is sent from WhatsApp, the icon or image would have a green hue; if it comes from Messenger, in blue and if it comes from Instagram, in purple and yellow.

The idea of integrating the three applications into one differs from the position taken by Zuckerberg when it acquired Instagram and Whatsapp, when it promised to keep each platform independent of the rest.

Zuckerberg announced the change as a form of “interoperability” between services. With this union, Zuckerberg hopes to increase Facebook’s usefulness and keep users involved in the application.

According to the company, the launch of the project requires thousands of Facebook employees to reconfigure the operation of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger at its most basic levels.

After a catastrophic period for the company, Facebook seeks to improve its service and ensure security and privacy. This idea is creating controversy among users, as they are not sure of the benefits of change.


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