Once you decide to launch social media accounts, it’s important you take the right steps to make sure they’re successful. This requires you to do your homework and put measures in place that will help you achieve your goals.

Don’t worry about if you’re just starting out or don’t know where to begin. Educate yourself and take your time. It’s more important you do it right than go fast and make mistakes. If you follow the best practices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it will make in helping to grow your business. See essential ingredients for your social media accounts.

Social Media Manager

If you tried to do it all yourself then you might be making a big mistake. Do yourself a favor and hire a social media manager to oversee your social media accounts. This person will act as the gatekeeper of what information is posted to your pages. They’ll also be able to handle customer service inquires and point them to the right person on the team. This person will spend their time coming up with new ways to interact and engage with your audience.

Images & Videos

Visuals are very important on your social media pages. Fans who are scrolling on their phones are more likely to stop when they see a graphic that catches their eye. Use graphic design guidelines to help you come up with an attractive logo, cover photos and sharable items. Have your social media manager work with your designers and creatives to produce videos that are entertaining and informative for posting on your page. Users want to see and engage with images and videos and not merely text. Make sure your pages are attractive and eye-catching at first glance by using creative and colorful visuals.

Brand Voice

Hiring a social media manager is smart because of the workload, but also because of the creation of a consistent brand voice. It’s ideal to have your posts coming from the same person who is consistent in their remarks. The audience will notice if you’re constantly changing from one brand voice to the next on your pages. You want your audience to feel like they’re connecting with your brand, and that’s more likely to happen when one person is managing the language and tone. It’s important to avoid mistakes and always be professional.

Quality Content

Most importantly, post content your audience can relate to and that they feel is valuable. Use snippets and posts from your blog as a way to educate your fans and drive them back to your website. Another idea is to share fun images and catchy text that’s entertaining or engages them with a question. Run contests or ask users to submit images of themselves using your product and tell them you’ll highlight the photo contest winners.


Social media is a lot of fun, but it also requires hard work to manage. Now you know what it takes to run successful pages. These are essential ingredients for your social media accounts.


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