There is an epidemic of people trying to brag through social networks about everything good that supposedly happens in their life, as part of a search for acceptance, likes, followers or being ‘someone’ within the vast universe of the internet. This time we won’t debate that point, but we will see a video that compiles many of these trends, as a kind of proof that the world has run out of creativity.

The video is a creation of a user known as Oliver KMIA, and he navigated within the most famous hashtags of Instagram with travel theme, you know #instatravel and so on. The surprising thing about all this, is that he realized that most of the hashtags have almost the same images, ie passport photos, airplane wings, among others. And the result is between funny and amazing.

The video wants to show us how the perception of the creativity of Instagram users is strangely homogenized, as if everyone thought the same, as each photo is almost identical to thousands of others.

Oliver mentions that the idea of the video arose when he visited Rome, where he ended up frustrated by the large number of people there, but where everyone was looking to take a picture in the same places, even with the same frame and pose. He himself accepts that it was one of those tourists he criticized so much, and that was what made him analyze the situation and question the influence that social networks have on all of us.


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