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Author: Irene Koehler

While it may seem that David Bowie is referring to Facebook when he sings, “Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes..” I’m pretty sure he had something else in mind. Still, the lyrics do include “Turn and face the strain,” which may be how you’re feeling each time you visit the site.

The good new is that you’re not alone. I’ve been inundated with questions like, “How do I…?” and “Where do I find…?” The even better news is that you’re now invited to join me online to uncover answers to your questions.

Can’t Beat the Price

By popular demand (well, demand is a strong word, it’s more like popular request), I’m offering a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, October 18. What does complimentary mean? Does it mean that you’ll be expected to offer me compliments? Well, no, though compliments are always welcome! It means that cost of this session is on me – it’s free to attend.

What We’ll Cover

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes, especially on the homepage where you see updates from your Facebook friends. What you may not have noticed are the significant updates in how you manage your privacy, along with other new features and changes. Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with family and friends, as well as your favorite brands and businesses. In order to get the most out of your time on Facebook and to use it safely, it is critical that you understand how it works and how you can customize your settings in a way that is comfortable for you.

We’ll touch on a number of important updates:

  • What is that Ticker on the right side of the page and why am I seeing information from people who aren’t my Facebook friends?
  • How do I mute certain types of updates?
  • If I’m seeing content from people who aren’t my friends, does that mean that people I don’t know are seeing what I post?
  • What is the new Timeline and is it replacing my Profile?
  • How do I customize my privacy setting so only the right people see my information?
  • And, more………

I hope you’ll join me in this live session on Tuesday, October 18. We’ll be covering some of the key Facebook changes and I’ll be sharing important tips you’ll want to use to manage your own account.

Reserve Your Spot Now

There are a limited number of seats, so be sure to register now by clicking here and save your spot. The session will be recorded, so if you aren’t able to join us live, go ahead and register anyway. This way, I’ll be able to let you know when the recording is available.

This session will cover changes you need to know about as an individual Facebook user. There is so much to talk about, we won’t be covering business use and Facebook pages. Even with that caveat, it’ll be fast-paced and cover a lot of territory.

What Questions Would You Like Me to Cover?

Will you be there? Let me know in the comments section below and tell me what questions you’re hoping to have answered.

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