The name of the British consultancy Cambrigde Analytica will be forever associated with Facebook. This company starred in the biggest privacy scandal in the history of the social network, and a few hours ago announced its closure.

After declaring bankruptcy and announcing the closure of operations, Cambridge Analytica has taken the opportunity to defend its innocence and (incidentally) blame the media:

“We have been vilified for actions that are not only legal, but are widely accepted in the advertising, political and commercial fields”.

They say that “the siege of media coverage has virtually eliminated all of the company’s customers and suppliers, and as a result, we have decided that it is no longer viable to continue operating”.

For its part, a spokesman for Facebook has stated that “this does not change our commitment and determination to know exactly what happened and make sure it does not happen again”.


British media The Register reports that there are already indications that the team will only change brands.

The official registrar of companies and organizations in the United Kingdom, Companies House, lists an active company called Emerdata Limited on its list. It turns out that it is based in the same offices as SCL Elections and is run by the same administration and investors as Cambridge Analytica. It is even described as an organization of “data processing, accommodation and related activities”.


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