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Author: Bart Caylor

An Affordable Way to Add Rich Media to Your Education Website

Rich Media Fuels Engagement

At Caylor Solutions, we’ve long been preaching that using rich media is an important way to engage everyone who comes to your higher education website.  Whether your visitor is a prospective student or an alum, using a variety of media channels is a great way to grab their interest… and keep it.

In the past, we’ve talked about utilizing video, infographics, photography, quotes, statistics, audio, and other rich media options to provide depth. We’ve recently discovered a tool that provides an affordable and easy way to add 360 degree images to your website or upload them to Google maps, allowing potential visitors a “virtual tour” without the high price tag that can come with a professionally done virtual tour.

The Theta 360 Camera for Higher Education

The Theta 360 Camera is an affordable and easy-to-use tool that takes amazing 360 views in one snap. These images can be used in many ways, but here are a couple of ways our higher education clients are using them:

The Sky is the Limit

With a little practice and creativity, the possible uses for this type of rich media in higher education are endless. Faster and easier than video, it can provide a piece of media that is engaging and affordable, with little to no professional editing needed.  Of course, there are times that professional photography and video are critical.  But consider some of these ways to use 360 views at your institution:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Virtual Tours of Campus: Give potential students a preview of student life.
  • 360 Views at Sporting Events: Make your sporting event come alive!
  • A Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Using a 360 photo, reward users for finding specific items that reinforce your brand and messaging.
  • 360 Views of Any Event:  Make users wish they were there by putting them in the middle of the action.

You are only limited by your creativity! If you’d like to purchase a Theta 360 for yourself you can do so on Amazon.  This link takes you to our Amazon store where you will also see our recommendation for accompanying tools and other marketing resources.  If you’d like assistance with a strategy for using this and other rich media tools, contact us today. We are also available to plan and shoot your 360 Tours.

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Bart Caylor

Bart Caylor

President at Caylor Solutions

Bart Caylor is president of Caylor Solutions, an education marketing and branding firm in Indianapolis.

As a first-generation college student, Caylor has a passion for helping schools tell their unique story through both digital and traditional marketing and communication channels.

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