Facebook modifies its application and social network with a change aimed at awakening your melancholy. Memories, this is the name of the new section where you can see everything Facebook believes you need to remember. If you publish regularly on the social network, and keep the activity with your friends and family, the new Memories will become one of your most visited spaces. Or that’s what Facebook wants.

The section will be active both on the web and in Facebook applications. You can currently visit it through this direct link, although for now it shows the “A day like today” section, the reminders of previous publications made on the same day. This will also be available in Memories, but with much more content.

This is all you can find in the new Memories Facebook section:

  • A day like today. We can now visualize this, they are the previous publications that coincide with the current date.
  • Friends you made this day. Facebook will remind you of the friendships that joined your contact group on a day like today.
  • Summary of memories. Facebook will organize monthly or weekly memories in the form of small video clips.
  • Memories that maybe you missed. If you do not frequently access the Memories Facebook section, it will summarize previous memories that you did not see at the time.

The Memories section will be accessible in the direct options panel of Facebook. Also in the URL Memories, which is already active. We will still have to wait a few days for the change of the app: at the moment it is not available.


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