When you’re an influencer, you’re naturally held to a higher standard because you’re dealing with brands, paid partnerships and loyal followers. It’s not enough to simply post an Instagram Reel when you feel like it because it’s now a business. When you add money into the equation, a different level of professionalism comes into the equation. This includes the way you prepare, produce and publish your content. As an influencer, consider some of the most essential tools you’ll want to keep in your arsenal.

1. Photo Editing Software

If you’re a one-man show and you don’t have the graphic editing skills of your fellow influencers, it’s okay to start from scratch and learn. Head over to YouTube in order to learn how to operate programs like Photoshop and Canva. If you have the financial margin to do so, outsource your work to a graphic designer. However, even when you have a designer, it’s nice to know the basics in order to prepare YouTube thumbnails, photos for Instagram and other graphics.

2. Video Editing Software

Video editing software is especially important for influencers who produce content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Even if you try to record a video in one take, you’ll naturally make mistakes. This is why the editing process is so important. You can record various takes, piece them together and create a flawless finish. If you’d like to take it up a notch, use software that includes a video background remover in order to create a consistent look for your videos. When you’re filming in your bedroom, chances are you don’t want the entire internet to see one of your most intimate spaces. Using this type of software helps to provide a sense of professionalism as well as privacy.

3. Lighting

Natural light is ideal for certain types of content photography. Natural light looks great when you’re filming food content or home decor content. However, if you want a consistent set and only have time to film at night, a good lighting set-up helps to provide quality content. Most beginners start with a few ring lights. However, as you progress, learn to set up a lighting system that improves the clarity and visibility of your content.

4. Filming Equipment

Smartphones are fully capable of capturing beautiful content. Once smartphone footage goes through a great editing session, most people won’t know the difference. If all you have is a smartphone, that can work well. Purchase equipment such as tripods, camera remotes and various lenses in order to diversify the shots you can get.

5. Keyword Tools

Look for keyword software and programs that allow you to uncover the right long-tail keywords for your content. When people put certain words in the search engine, you want your content to pop up. By using the right keywords and hashtags, you’ll develop a consistent flow of traffic to your content. Google and other search engines tend to reward the websites and videos that provide quality content by providing a higher ranking. If your content lands on the first page of a Google search, this provides a different level of visibility that most content creators and influencers long for. Google Keywords and other programs explicitly provide the right options for you to place within your content in order to get that right type of non-competitive traction.

6. Audio Equipment

Especially for video content, the audio component is so critical. At the very basic level, learn how to enunciate your words. There’s nothing worse than an influencer who mumbles and doesn’t explicitly pronounce their words. A high-quality microphone can’t fix that. Then, invest in a great microphone that can pick up the right sound and pitches. If you don’t have a microphone at first, simply put a blanket over your head and record the voiceover into your phone. The blanket creates a cocoon that keeps the sound close. This improves the sound of the recording.

7. Content Scheduler

A content scheduler allows you to push content out on a consistent basis. If you create content in batches, you can upload it to a schedule. Then, simply automate the publishing schedule in order to make sure content gets published on the respective platforms at the respective times.

8. Performance Monitoring Tracker

Your analytics matter when you’re introducing brands and budgets to the equation. Keep track of how well a specific campaign does by using tracking software that captures data such as the number of views, likes, and comments. As you increase your visibility and engagement, you can use these numbers as selling points to charge brands more money.

Closing Remark

While you’re in your own lane as an influencer, you’ll never want to plateau. This is why it’s best to challenge yourself in all of these areas. Track your progress in order to uncover what processes and systems work the best. When you’re able to build, grow and scale your systems, your career as an influencer will definitely flourish.


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